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Automatic Power Factor Correction

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (also referred as Capacitor Banks) have become essential part of the switchgear installation in order to save electrical energy by ensuring high power factor. These panels comprise of an incomer device branching out to various combinations of capacitors, reactors, HRC fuses & usually capacitor duty contactors along with an intelligent relay. The relay continuously monitors the load condition & controls the power factor though switching ON / OFF a number of capacitors as per pre-defined steps.

  • Rating
    Up to 1200 kVAr at 415V, 50Hz
  • Type of construction
    Offered in Form2 construction, with or without Detuned reactors in configurations of 5.67%, 7% or 14% as per the application. Provided with multi-step micro-controller based Power Factor regulator & uses capacitor duty contactor or thyristor for switching ON / OFF the self healing type capacitors.
  • Operating Ambient Temperature
    Up to 50 Deg C
  • Type Test Certification
    Type tested up to 450kVAr as per IEC61439 & IEC61621