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Sub-Main Distribution Boards

A Sub-Main distribution board (also referred as Sub-Main board) comprises of an incomer device, in the form of an MCCB or a Non-Auto MCCB or an Isolator, along with a number of outgoing circuit breakers. The SMDB is fed from a MDB & feeds power through its branches to the downstream panels.

  • Rating
    Up to 800A at 690V, 50Hz
  • Short Circuit Rating
    36kA & 50 kA for 1 sec
  • Type of construction
    Form2 & Form4b construction, IP54 with up to 16 number of outgoing ways with provision of wall mounting or free standing
  • Operating Ambient Temperature
    50 Deg C
  • Type Test Certification
    Type tested up to 800A rating, 50kA 1sec, for compliance to IEC61439-1 & 2